Criminology and Psychology BA

The BSc (Hons) Criminology and psychology course is ideal for students who want to understand the relationship between crime and social issues – such as mental health, ill health, poverty, and discrimination and develop an understanding of how the human mind works. 

In this program, coached by experts in the field, students will have the opportunity to understand and resolve the causes of a crime from a sociological and psychological perspective. The combination of criminology and psychology will give students expertise in both disciplines. Students will form them to critically analyse and evaluate the causes and effects of crimes and deviant human behaviour. 

Students will also learn about developmental, social and cognitive psychology, how people evolve through infancy, adolescence and adulthood, personal formation, social influences that affect behaviour and the development of perception and human thinking.

Furthermore, the theory of criminological philosophy and the assumptions that underpin intervention and control, as well as the criminal justice system – including the police, courts and jails – will be studied and explored.

At the same time, this course will give students a range of transferable and practical skills that will aid in law-related and other careers or further studies.

Course Length:  3 years / 4 years including Foundation year;
Start dates:  January / April / August / September;

  • Loss prevention officer
  • Private investigator
  • Correctional officer
  • Jury consultant
  • Probation officer
  • Police detective
  • Clinical social worker
  • Forensic scientist 
  • Investigative data analyst
  • Police officer
  • Youth offending support officer
  • Offender case administrator
  • Jural legal services
  • Minimum Age: 18 years old
  • Applicants are required to submit proof of prior certification (i.e., Secondary School Diploma/Baccalaureate/Level 3 qualification) and/or relevant work experience.
  • Applications from mature candidates without formal qualifications are welcomed if they could demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
  • If you are unable to meet the entry requirements for this course you may still be eligible for our Foundation year course. This is an extra year of study to prepare you for the full degree.
  • Overseas learners must demonstrate an approved level of proficiency in the use of English language.
  • Applicants must bring their original certificates at the moment of registration.

Foundation Year: 

  • Developing academic skills
  • Using numeracy, data and IT
  • Research skills and using information
  • Values, ethics and working collaboratively 
  • Crime and law in context
  • Psychology of everyday life

Year 1:

  • Introduction to social & developmental psychology 
  • Effective interdisciplinary study
  • Introduction to biological & cognitive psychology
  • Crime & society 
  • Criminal justice system
  • Key studies in psychology 

      Year 2:

  • Research and ethics in action
  • Personality and intelligence 
  • Social psychology
  • Contemporary debates in criminology
  • Environmental criminology 
  • Policing and police powers

      Year 3:

  • Contemporary developmental psychology
  • Cross cultural psychology
  • Cybercrime
  • Youth justice
  • Research planning and project



The course is assessed in terms of both theory and practice through assessments including practical implementations, reports, essays, presentations and examinations. Most modules are designed to develop problem solving techniques and interpersonal skills and many provide the opportunity for group work.


After completing your undergraduate degree, if you decide to enhance your career prospects even further you can apply for a postgraduate Master program. For more information regarding progression please contact Atlantic London.


The Tuition Fee of the course may vary depending on the institution you have chosen, as well as your status in the UK. The course is available for UK/EU and International Students as well. 

Please contact us to find out the tuition fee for a specific course you’d like to know about.

Government Funds – Student Finance England

If you are an UK/EU citizen or living in the UK on Indefinite stay, you can receive support from the government via Student Loan Company to cover tuition fees and some living costs while studying, depending on your circumstances. 

Tuition fee loans, which cover the full cost of your course, are paid directly to the course provider.

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