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Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor’s or Top-up?
Do you remember our last blog? Yes, that one where we were talking about HND’s and Foundation Year Degrees. Well, leave no stone unturned because today we’ll be talking about bachelor’s degrees and Top-Up Degrees. We promise you’ll find loads of useful information here, so keep an eye on it. Bachelor’s Degree These are, probably, the most […]
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higher education
What is Higher Education and what type of course is right for you?
Choosing to go to college or university is always a tough decision. What makes it even harder is not knowing what type of program to apply for. Or what course suits your career best. There are many different factors that students look into when picking up a course. However, the most influential factor is the […]
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hnd hnc
HNC or HND? Such a tough decision!
Higher Education is, without any doubt, one of the most important chapters of one’s life. To determine the best approach when it comes to studying after school, it may be a very daunting task. After all, the entire future and career path depends on what you are going to choose. There’s an abundance of options […]
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education in the uk
Education in the United Kingdom
If you are reading this, chances are that you are here for the same reason that get us out of the bed every morning – to make you the best version of yourself. Have you decided, by any chance, to give it a try and enrol to university? Hats off on making an excellent decision! […]
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