Atlantic London Education Services is here to help you fulfil your dreams

Established în the early 2010s, Atlantic London Education is the largest student consultancy company in the Greater London area and the only company of its kind fully accredited by Investors In People. We are dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals and we specialize in matching students with the colleges and universities best suited for their needs. If you are looking to study at one of the UK’s premiere universities, don’t hesitate to contact us!

In less than a decade, through hard work and dedication, Atlantic London has become a leader in the industry. Today, we are recognised as one of the leading providers of post-secondary education consultancy and placement services in England. 

We pride ourselves with our portfolio which includes thousands of satisfied students who, with our help, have graduated from accredited programs all over England and have managed to improve themselves, to develop themselves professionally and to reach the educational and professional goals they set for themselves. 

We put our clients' needs first

At Atlantic London we are committed to help you make your dreams come true.

Team of Experts

Our team of highly skilled experts will offer you all the information that you need in order to find the right universities and courses for you.

Free of Charge

Our services are free of charge. Contact us now and let's start this new and exciting chapter of your life together.
Partnership with over 50 educational institutions across the UK

For most people, choosing what to do after high school is the first major decision of their lives. Picking the right university and the right courses is extremely important. A good decision at this point in time will allow you to save time and money and to also start your career early. However, it’s never too late to change your mind. 

Atlantic London is here to help both those who want to make sure that they make the right decision and those looking to change something in their lives, either by adding to their skill set or by changing their careers completely. Our services embody sophistication, a blend of methods and partnerships with institutions. We help simplify the decision-making process by providing a fully integrated solution including counselling, placement, and concierge services.

Over time we have built partnerships with over 50 accredited and recognised educational institutions in the UK, which include Colleges, Universities and Training Centres, and our portfolio continues to expand each year. We work with a network of carefully selected partners, all of whom are leaders in their area of activity. As a result, we are able to offer students a complex educational package and to guide the right courses and universities for them. 

You can find a list of our partners below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve society by helping individuals, regardless of age, background or nationality, achieve their full potential through high quality education. It is our hope that, by helping them, we help create a better world, with a better future for the following generations. This is why we have chosen to offer our student consultancy services FREE OF CHARGE to our clients, from registration to graduation.


Our goal is to become the leading educational consultancy and placement services company and we are confident that we will reach this position, through our performance, employees, and commitment to our values. Atlantic London’s motto is “Only education can change the infrastructure of society”. This is why we have put together a team of highly qualified, dedicated and educated counsellors and specialists, who strive for continuous improvement and who adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.

What Atlantic London does for its clients

From our headquarters in London, more than 30 employees and dozens of agents are working hard to help people to find their place in the world through education. By using proprietary techniques, counselling services, and industry affiliations, we provide the most comprehensive experience, while striving to be accessible, inclusive, and diverse.

At Atlantic London, we place a lot of value on integrity, honesty, transparency, treating everyone with respect and dignity. The way we do business was built around these fundamental qualities and we are proud to say that we always put our clients and their interests first. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors and what guides our actions. Age or preparation are not important. Neither are one’s background, social standing or nationality. We are here to find solutions for every prospective student. 

When an individual approaches us, our team reviews their preparation, aptitude, interests, and aspirations. Using questionnaires and interviews, we analyse a range of career trajectories. Depending on the client’s preferences, our counsellors recommend a range of study programs, including those offered by our partner institutions. 

The courses listed on our website belong to our partner institutions, which are all based in the London area. After a client selects a field of study, we prepare application materials and correspond with institutions on their behalf. But our work does not stop here. Once this part of the process is completed, our staff will help our clients find what they need in order to make their academic pursuits comfortable. 

Life as a student is full of challenges. As a full-time undergraduate student at university or college, you have to pay for your tuition fees as well as your living costs for the duration of your degree. At Atlantic London, our experts will provide our clients with the information they need in order to apply to Student Finance England (SFE) for loans and grants to help with these costs. This is our contribution to building a better society of responsible people.

If you succeed, we all succeed. 

What People Say
Say hi to our exceptionally friendly team of operators

With over a decade experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm. We have a can-do attitude backed-up by
more than 10 years of offering free of charge services for our clients.Now you can say hi to our
exceptionally friendly team of operators. These are the people that make the magic happen.

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