Popular questions

What do I need to apply for university/college?

– Pre-settled or Settled status
– European ID or passport
– Highest degree obtained – High school diploma, Diploma, etc
– National Insurance Number – NINO
– Proof of address – bank statement, driving licence, bill
– Your CV
– Personal statement

How many hours per week do I study?

A full-time program in the United Kingdom requires around 16 hours of study per week.
Many of these institutions offer evening and weekend courses.

Is attendance at university important?

You would have to attend at least 80% of your classes to receive your funding from the Student Loan Company.

Can I work while studying?

Yes. You are allowed to work during your studies.

How much Student Loan will I get?

You can borrow for the full cost of your course fees, up to £9,250/year

Can I apply for Maintenance Loan as well?

Yes. Depending on your circumstances, you can borrow up to £12,000/year.