How to get financial support to study in the UK

Great Britain is an awesome place for those looking for opportunities that will allow them to have better lives. And it’s an even better place for young people. That’s why hundreds of thousands of young people leave their countries each year to move to Great Britain and sign up for one of its numerous, excellent colleges and universities. If you want to do the same, we’ll tell you how you can get financial support to study in the UK.

Why study in the UK? It’s a simple question but it comes with a long and complex answer. The reason for this is the long list of benefits. Great Britain has a long tradition in education. It is home to numerous world-renowned colleges and universities, it is one of the most powerful countries on Earth, it has an impressive history and much, much more. It’s because of all of these benefits that international students are flocking to the UK. In 2020 alone, in the middle of a pandemic, 342,620 students from other countries entered Great Britain to study.

Unfortunately, because the demand is so high, costs are also high. But the fact that Great Britain is not a cheap place should not come as a surprise. After all, it’s a country that offers way more than what it asks for.

So yes, the cost of studying in the Great Britain can be high. But this should not bother you. Follow our advice and you will receive the financial support you need to study in the UK.  Others have already received it, as this country is not afraid to invest in education.

What are the expenses of someone studying in Great Britain

Before we go any further, we should talk about the possible expenses students might meet with in the UK. On average, a student will spend £25 – £30 per week for food. That’s if he or she buys groceries instead of going out to eat. If it’s the latter, than those expenses will definitely rise.

Students will also spend about £100 – £120  per week if they choose to stay in a college dorm. This cost, of course, depends on the college or university. However, if the student chooses to rent an apartment together with friends, those expenses might drop by a lot. In fact, this is one of the most popular solutions right now.

Buying a prepaid phone card will cost £5 per week, with the same amount being spend on an internet connection. And utilities will also cost, if the student chooses to stay in a home or an apartment. Those are about £10 per week.

Don’t forget transportation, £30 per week, and college supplies. These can be about £7 per week. Now these are all fixed costs. They don’t include fun, which can be very expensive in Great Britain. It’s up to the student to figure out what his or her priorities are.

Together, all these costs add up to a pretty large amount. They can also create a lot of worries, especially during exams. Luckily, by getting financial support to study in the UK, one can get rid extremely easily of all these worries.

How to get financial support to study in the UK

We weren’t joking when we said that Great Britain is the best place in the world for a student looking to get the right education, one that will allow him or her to have an awesome career and a great life. Great Britains respects young people and is actively looking to help them out. It’s because of this that it offers support under many forms to both native born students and international students.

International students can receive financial support from the British government. In order to get the financing, the student has to meet certain conditions, such as possessing knowledge of the English language of at least intermediate level and attending at least 80% of all classes. The funds can be used to cover  the cost of school, as well as other expenses.

Getting access to these funds might seem like a complex and hard process, but it doesn’t have to be. It can in fact be very easy, if the students uses the services offered by student recruitment agencies such as Atlantic London.

Over the past 10 years,  our company has helped thousands of students to get the financial support they needed to study in the UK. Through hard work and commitment, we have become the largest student recruitment company in the London area. We are working closely with more than 50 UK colleges and universities, with the goal of matching the right student with the right courses or the right university. Our services are completely free for students.

If you plan on studying in Great Britain, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also talk to us on Whatsapp or check online to see if you are eligible to receive financing from the state.

We can’t guarantee success. That’s all up to you. What we can do is to help you find the right university and to gain access to the resources you need in order to succeed.

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