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5 reasons why you should study in Great Britain

Great Britain is an extremely attractive place for all young people looking to live a totally special experience during their college years and also to get the best possible education, one that will prepare them for the long journey ahead. Still, there are some who are not convinced. For them, we have 5 reasons why they should study in Great Britain in 2022:

The highest quality of education

Great Britain is home to some of the oldest colleges and universities in the world. And they’re not just old. They’re also really, really good. The famous Oxford and Cambridge universities rank constantly among the best in the world, with the best results, helping to bring forward some of the brightest and most successful people in the world.

But the quality of education in Great Britain isn’t dependent on fame. Even those lesser known colleges and universities offer awesome courses as well as some of the best training one can hope for. It is all because of the Quality Assurance Agency. The QAA is an independent organisation which constantly evaluates the quality of UK colleges and universities. It makes sure that students get the best possible courses and training, it checks results and it offers feedback to universities, helping them improve.

In the United Kingdom, universities and colleges have the latest equipment and feature state-of-the-art technology. The staff is always professional and practical knowledge is valued above all else. All of these guarantee that, if you choose to study in Great Britain in 2022, you won’t have to worry about your future.

Personal growth is one of the best reasons to study in Great Britain in 2022

Nothing compares to the experience of moving to a foreign country, interacting with different cultures, speaking and studying in a different language. It’s something really special. It is life changing and it will definitely help you grow both as a professional and as a human being.

European students who study in Great Britain find out really fast what it means to be independent, to adapt to things you’re not used to. After completing their courses, they will all be transformed in much more complex human beings and they will be much more responsible. These lessons are extremely essential in order to become successful.

It is an experience you won’t find anywhere else

We talk about countries like Great Britain on a daily basis. We talk about them so much that we tend to feel that we know everything about them, that they are ordinary places where nothing special ever happens. It is not true.

Great Britain is a unique place. In fact, there is no other place on Earth that is as diverse as the United Kingdom. If you don’t believe us, you just have to check its college campuses. There, you will find students from all over the world, tens and hundreds of different cultures, all in once place. You will explore countless opportunities and career choices. And, most importantly, you will have the best time of your life!

It is the best possible investment

Firstly, when you invest in education, you invest in yourself. It is the best possible investment you can make, one that sooner or later will definitely pay off. And the profit will be much higher if your investment takes you to the halls of a university which can offer you practical knowledge and access to decision makers in the industries that are relevant to you. These will help you become a successful professional.

In the end, you will earn a diploma which is recognised all over the globe, one that will guarantee the high quality of education that you received. This counts a lot in the eyes of any future employer.

You can study in Great Britain in 2022 for free

Finally, one of the best reasons why you should study in Great Britain in 2022 is the fact that you can do it for free.

The British government is not afraid to invest in students, even European students. It actively encourages education, by giving students access to funds which they can use to pay their tuitions and to cover other costs.

Getting these funds might look complicated. However, the process can be simplified with the help of a student recruitment agency, such as Atlantic London.

With more than 10 years in the education sector, Atlantic London is now the largest company of its kind in the London area. Over the years, it helped thousands of students find the right courses and universities for them and to get the financing they needed in order to finish their studies. You can check to see if you’re eligible to receive financing from the state by clicking here. 

Student finance in England. Why you should apply

Going to university can be very expensive nowadays. But this should not get you to back down from accessing higher education. Studying to improve yourself is never a bad investment. So if you plan on going to university in 2022 and money is an issue, consider student finance, especially if you’re in England.

Why you should apply for student finance in England, in 2022

You may ask why England. The answer is simple. It is probably the best place in the world for higher education. England is home to numerous high-end universities and colleges, where you can learn almost everything, from architecture, to medicine, law, social media management, finance, accounting and so much more.

England has a long history with education. It invested in teachers and students in the past and it’s also investing now. The English government offers in 2022 a student finance program that is extremely interesting. This is a big sum of money, one which the student can use to cover both the costs of tuition and other expenses.

The best part is that you only have to pay this loan back after you finish your studies and only if you earn more than £27,228 per year. If your yearly earnings fall below this threshold, you won’t have to pay anything back.

And yes, this student finance program offered by the English government in 2022 is also accessible to European students. So, if you’re a student from Germany, thinking about going to university in France, you should definitely reconsider. Choose England and choose the student finance program it offers in 2022. You definitely won’t regret it.

You don’t have to fear student finance

Because of the student loans controversy in the United States, people are reluctant today to apply for loans in order to go to University. However, this is a huge mistake. Firstly, England is not the United States. Prices can be high in the Queen’s country as well, but they are nothing compared to the US. So you don’t have to worry that you will end up having to pay back that student loan for the rest of your life.

Like we mentioned earlier, with the student finance plan offered by England in 2022, you only have to pay if you earn more than a certain amount of money per year. This is an important feature that most people often overlook.

Student finance is here to help you out, not to cause problems or to enslave you to a financial institution. The English government believes in students and also believes that prosperity can be achieved through higher education. Getting a degree will help you get a better job, which will in turn help you earn more money, money that you will spend on products and taxes. This way, everybody wins, the student, the university, the entire country.

It is also easy to get in England

Last but not least, you should choose to get student finance in England in 2022 because it is easy to get. Although the entire process might be a little bit complex, you don’t have to do it on your own. Thanks to student recruitment agencies such as Atlantic London Education, you can get your loans fast and without any headaches at all.

And the best part here is that Atlantic London’s services are completely free. Our company works with Universities, helping them find the right students. When students come to us, we take a look over their experience and recommend the University or the courses that are best suited for them. In addition to this, we also help them get the financing they need in order to attend the University that they choose.

So, if you want to get a university degree for free, give Atlantic London a call or check your eligibility online free of charge.

What are the requirements to study in the UK

So you’re thinking about studying in the UK. Congratulations! Most European students are thinking about the same thing. The United Kingdom is one of the best places on Earth, if not the best, to study and grow as a professional. But just like many other European students, you’re probably also wondering what are the requirements to study in the UK in 2022. Well, don’t worry about it. We are here to help you out.

You should know from the start that the uk university entry requirements vary depending on numerous things. The type of the course you want to attend is important. So is the academic level, so is your nationality and, of course, the university you pick. Why is this? It’s because UK universities are allowed to set their own entry requirements. They usually base these on their own internal policies, but preferences may also count.

What are the requirements to study in the UK in 2022?

Following Brexit, things have become more complicated for those looking to study at universities in Great Britain. More complicated, but not necessarily impossible. This being said, here is what you need in order to be able to attend the UK university of your choice:

  • Student visa
  • IDs
  • Qualifications
  • Entrance Tests
  • Language proficency
  • Interviews
  • References
  • Additional Requirements

UK student visa requirements

This might just be the toughest requirement. Following Brexit, things have become more complicated in Great Britain, in regards to immigration. But you can still apply for a student visa if you are 16 or older. If you also have been offered a place on a course by a licensed student sponsor, if you have the funds needed to pay for the course and if you can speak, read, write and understand English, your student visa will be approved.

According to, it costs £348 to apply for a Student visa from outside the UK and £475 to extend or switch to a Student visa from inside the UK. If you apply from outside the UK, the earliest you can do so is 6 months before you start your course. You will get a decision within 3 weeks. If you apply from inside the UK, the earliest you can do so is 3 months before the start of your course. Within 8 weeks you will receive a decision.

Once your visa is approved, you will be able to study in the UK and even work.

One good thing about the student visa program is that, if you or a close family member started living in the UK before 1 January 2021, you may be able to apply for the free EU Settlement Scheme. However, the deadline for this is 30 June 2021. So, if you haven’t applied for it yet, you need to hurry and apply!

What types of IDs are required to be able to study in the UK

Having an ID is of course extremely important. You won’t be able to apply for anything if you can’t present a document that identifies you in an acceptable way. So, you will definitely need your personal ID or a passport. Make sure that you have those with you and that you have copies of them. It doesn’t matter if you meet all the other requirements to study in the UK in 2022. If you don’t have your ID with you, you won’t get in.

You have to show that you are qualified

Ambitious students may be looking to attend Oxford or Cambridge. These are awesome universities, some of the best in the world. However, not everyone can get in. In order to do so, you must show that you have what it takes to be there. Your academic qualifications and grades from previous education will count a lot here. They will determine if you are approved for your chosen University or course.

That’s why it’s always best to phone first and ask the University what are the requirements to join. This way, you won’t waste any time and you will be able to either better prepare for the university you like or to choose a university that is right for you.

There are going to be tests!

You might not want to hear this, but most UK universities require students to take tests in order to filter out the best candidates from all applicants. The best advice we can give you here is to not look at this requirement as a deal breaker. It is just one more hurdle, at best. And you can definitely overcome it.

If you study and prepare yourself, you won’t have any problem with the test. And remember, it’s all up to you here. It all depends on how good you are and on nothing else.

Language proficiency

UK universities look for students who are able to speak the English language and understand the materials taught in courses. If you apply, you will probably be tested here as well.

UK universities use various standardized tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL and UCLES. Don’t underestimate these tests. They are extremely important and be the difference between you being accepted or not. So make sure that you get the best possible score. In fact, if you score high enough, it will add points to your application, making the registration process much easier.


Interviews are extremely important in today’s world. This is another form of test, but it’s much more personal. It allows the university to get to know you on a personal level.

During the interview, the commission will want to understand your motivations and goals, to see if they are compatible with the desired courses. Be honest and open, and make sure that you leave nothing out.

One important note regarding interviews. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews can now be held online, through Skype.


You’re going to have to go through interviews and tests when you’ll be out there, job hunting. Your future employer will most likely ask you for references. So it only makes sense that UK universities also ask to see these.

A good reference will offer you an edge so make sure that you ask your teachers for letters of recommendation. Bring these with you to the interview. Don’t forget about them, don’t ignore them. Large numbers of European students apply to join UK universities each year so you will definitely face a lot of competition.

Additional Requirements

In some cases, universities might ask you for additional documents. You might have to pay extra fees or to get insurance. Fortunately, you can as student recruitment agencies such as Atlantic London for help. Our services are free and our experts know exactly what you need and what you need to do in order to successfully apply to join a university.

We can help you get your documents in order and avoid any unnecessary stress so that you can focus on tests and interviews. We can also help you receive financing from the government. These funds, which are available to all European students, will allow you to study and enjoy your time in Great Britain without worrying about your finances.

 You can check to see if you’re eligible to receive financing from the state by clicking here. 

Final word

These are the requirements to study in the UK in 2022. It might not be easy, it might take a lot of work, but you will definitely not regret studying in Great Britain. Not only will you have the best time of your life, but, once you finish, you will get a diploma that will be recognised all over the world and that will allow you to turn your dreams into reality.

The 5 best courses to study in the UK for European Students

Tens of thousands of European students come to Great Britain every year to study. They make this choice for a lot of different reasons. One of the most important of them is the courses. British colleges and universities offer a lot of different, interesting and useful courses. They are available for both students born in Great Britain and European students and they can be very helpful to those looking to start a successful career. In today’s article, we will take a look at the 5 best courses to study in the UK for European students.

Before starting, we need to clarify that there is a chance that you may not find these courses to your liking. This is not a problem. Although these are the 5 most popular courses, it doesn’t mean that you have to take them. You can and you should take the courses that best suit your needs, that can help you with your career plans.

In fact, before going to college, it’s probably a good idea for you to take some time and do some research to see exactly what you plan to do with your life. What are your career plans? What do you enjoy doing? Are you looking for a career that will bring you a lot of money or a lot of joy? Or maybe both? You need to figure out what path you want to take so that you can find the courses that can best help you out.

Also, remember that some people are better suited for some courses and other for others. Take this into account so that you won’t end up regretting the choices you make.

The 5 best courses to study in the UK for European students in 2022

The following 5 courses are some of the most popular in the UK. Students choose to take them as they open up various opportunities for them. On the job market, demand for people with such training is also quite high. So, without further ado, here are the 5 best courses to study in the UK for European students:

Business courses

It is not necessarily a course, but a category of courses. However, a lot of people are interested in studying it. And you can easily understand why.

Having a degree in business offers you a lot of opportunities, especially if you are independent and enjoy working for yourself, taking risks and being in charge. The knowledge you gather here will allow you to find that business idea that can help start you on your road to success. Or maybe you already know what you want to do. In this case, with everything you learn during business class you will be able to turn your idea into reality and manage it into a successful enterprise.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of business courses. If you already know what road you want to take, this is excellent news. You can study business and computing, or business and tourism, maybe business and law. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you will learn exactly what you need in order to be successful.

Check out our list of business courses and pick the one that best suits your needs!

Travel and Tourism courses

What goes better with European students than travel and tourism? It’s a match made in heaven. And it can also be a very profitable match.

In today’s modern world, people can travel anywhere, anytime. Tourism is now one of the most important industries and it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are looking at ways of turning it into their advantage.

Travel and Tourism can be extremely exciting. Students will learn management, they will learn how to promote their business, how to interact with other people, how to offer them what they need and how to come up with new and interesting ideas that will draw customers to them.

Check out our list of travel and tourism courses.

Health and social care courses

It also shouldn’t surprise you that people are interested in doing good and helping other people out. The field of Health and Social Care is so popular because it rewards both your pockets and your soul.

The course will teach you all you need to know about Human Services, Social Science, Psychological approaches, Working with People, Safeguarding Children, Managing Human Resources and much more. After receiving your diploma, you will be able to work as a Health Services Administrator, Social Care Worker, Midwife, Paramedic, Health Care Trainer, Health Educator, Health Promotion Worker and the list goes on.

Check out our list of Health and Social Care courses.

Computing courses

You may have expected computing to be on the list. The IT sector is one of the best paid out there. Because of this it attracts a lot of people, especially European students.

Technology is today a very important part of our lives. In fact, there are few things you can do without it. Do you want to promote your business? You need a website for that. Do you want to make sure that your computers are running and that there’s no chance that they will break down when you need them the most? You better call the IT guy!

Computing courses will teach you all you need to know about your chosen field. There is web design, systems administration, technical support, e-business strategy, systems engineering, digital media, database administration and so much more. And it’s good that computing offers so many opportunities. These courses tend to be harder than others. They are not for everyone. But even if you’re not as technical as others, you may still find opportunities in the IT sector.

Check out Atlantic London’s list of Computing courses.

Marketing and Social Media courses

Last but not least, on the list of the 5 best courses to study in the UK for European students, we have marketing and social media. Marketing has developed a lot in the last few decades, as the world has become much more connected and new opportunities opened for businesses almost everywhere.

Social media, meanwhile, is something new. It only appeared in the last two decades, but people in marketing jumped on it right away, recognising its importance for promoting a business and attracting new customers. Nowadays, social media is a must for all companies who want to be successful.

New jobs appear in marketing and social media almost every year. We now have SEO specialists, content creators, social media managers, digital marketing specialists and so on. These jobs did not exist ten years ago. They are exciting, they are new and the are well paid. It’s no wonder that so many people have become interested in them.

Check out our list of Marketing and Social Media courses.

Tips for European Students who study in the UK

Those who study in the United Kingdom know that it is not a cheap place at all. On the contrary, it is a very expensive place. But this aspect should not discourage you, if you want to study at a good university, which will ensure a good job and a worry-free future. To help you, we’ve put together a list of tips for European students who study in the UK, to help them reduce spending.

Student life in the UK is beautiful, and just because it’s beautiful it can be dangerous. The UK offers you a lot of opportunities but also a lot of fun. It’s the perfect place for any young person looking for independence. However, if responsibility is forgotten, financial problems can arise quite quickly.

Once on the island you will quickly notice the pros and cons of student life in the UK. At Atlantic London, we thought we’d offer you a helping hand to make your experience in the UK education system as enjoyable as possible. So here are some financial tips for you and all other European students who study in the UK.

Make sure you choose the best place for you

Many young people are attracted to the fame of institutions such as Cambridge or Oxford. These are two of the most important universities in the world, not just in the UK. They are hundreds of years old, they have tradition, they are equipped with the best equipment, they have some of the most beautiful campuses, and the opportunities they offer are very big. It is so easy to understand why a young person would want to go there.

However, these universities demand a lot from the student. Not only from a financial point of view, but also in terms of training, the determination to complete the courses and much more. In short, they are not for everyone. Tuition fees for one of these universities are very high. If the student does not cope and fails to complete the courses, the money given will be lost.

In order to avoid such damage, it is best for the student to choose a university that is best suited for his or her skills, one that offers exactly the courses he/she needs, without costing much.

If you want to study in the UK, Atlantic London can help you find the best solution for you. Give us a call, and our experts will help you make the best choice.

Do your research, create a plan and stick to it

When choosing the right place for you, don’t just look at the costs that come from universities. Other factors are just as important. For example, if you choose to study in a small city or in a large city. If you choose the latter, you can be sure that you will have much higher expenses than if you attended a university located in a smaller city.

For this reason, it is important to do a little research and gather information such as the cost of rent, the cost of food, utilities, employment opportunities, the cost of entertainment and more. By gathering this information, you will be able to make decisions that will ultimately help you save money.

Take accommodation expenses, for example. The good news is that a developed country like the UK offers you many accommodation options. You can, for example, stay in one of the student dormitories. This is the most popular choice for students. And in the case of international students, it must be said that they even have priority in enrollment.

Costs for living in a dormitory typically start at £ 50 a week and can go up to £ 80 a week for large universities. For those interested in living in such a home, it is important to apply for a place as soon as possible, as they tend to fill up in a very short time.

However, this is not the only option. There are others, at least as good and even cheaper. An increasingly common practice is for students to form groups of 6 and look for a home to live in together. It is a solution that can be not only cheap, with individual costs that can go down to £ 35 a week, but also very enjoyable, offering the opportunity to live student life with friends.

Going forward, the same goes for other expenses. As a student in the UK, it is very important to be informed. If you gather all this information, if you use it to draw up a plan and if you follow this plan, your experience with the British education system will certainly be a very pleasant one.

Be responsible

The plan from Tip no. 2 can guide you through college. It can guide you and give you advice on the choices you need to make. But it’s all in vain if it doesn’t teach you to be responsible.

Responsibility is not necessarily a trait of all young people. It is completely normal for a young person to have a more optimistic view of life, to seek to enjoy it, to live in the moment. However, it is important that this type of behavior does not last indefinitely.

The UK is a place with plenty of options for fun: sporting events, cultural events, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, nightlife, etc. Anything a young person needs. But it all costs money.

So use the plan you have made and get used to thinking responsibly. This is the only way to be able to have fun and make sure that student life in the UK will not ruin you financially. And if this responsible behavior will come to your mind, in the long run you will have a lot to gain.

Here are some types of responsible decisions:

  • Learn to cook and give up the habit of eating in the city;
  • You can borrow books or school supplies, you don’t have to buy them;
  • A bicycle is a much better and healthier investment to get around than a taxi;
  • The food in the cafeteria is excellent and the prices are very affordable for students.

Get a part-time job or even a paid internship

Another nice thing about student life in the UK is that it allows you to work while studying. The UK education system may not allow full-time employment, but part-time jobs are allowed, as are paid internships.

For a student, these are two excellent solutions that can help him earn extra money, reducing financial stress, and, just as important, gain experience.

Employers are looking for experience. And if the diploma obtained at the end of the years of study is accompanied by relevant experience, the chances of getting a well-paid job increase considerably.

One of the best tips for European Students: Use government funding

A big plus of the British education system is that it offers students, even European students, the opportunity to access government funding to finance themselves during their studies. And the amount made available to the students is not small at all. Students can use it to pay for courses but also to pay other expenses.

The process of getting these funds may seem difficult but it is not. It’s really simple, especially with the help of an education recruitment company like Atlantic London, whose experts can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get financial support to study in the UK. With over 10 years of experience in this industry, Atlantic London is the largest company of its kind in the London area. Throughout its history, it has helped thousands of students obtain the necessary funding to complete their courses. .

Indeed, this is one of the best tips for European Students who study in the UK. With the help of this funding from the British government, student life in the UK will be much easier. You will be able to study in peace, to focus on your courses and to enjoy all that the UK has to offer, without worrying about the state of your finances.

Where to find student financing for European students who study in the UK in 2022

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for European students interested in attending a prestigious university and earning an internationally recognized degree. At the same time, however, Britain is an expensive country. It is therefore necessary for European students who plan to study in the UK in 2022 to know what sources of funding they can use while studying on the island.

Fortunately, there are many sources of funding for those interested. The most popular sources of funding for European students who decide to study in the UK are:

Parent countries can be excellent sources of financing for European students who study in the UK in 2022

The parent country may be one of the most important sources of funding for a European student studying in the UK in 2022. Funds may come from government or private companies. They can be accessed primarily by contacting the local government and seeking advice.

Other information can be obtained online. If the government is unable to provide assistance, the student may contact two or three major companies and request assistance. But one thing needs to be known about this type of financing. Most of the time, it comes with the requirement that, at the end of the course, the student return to his or her own country to work there.


Not all students can get scholarships, but this should not discourage students from looking for scholarships. This is because eligibility may depend on the scholarship you are looking for. Some require certain grade averages, others require the student to come from a particular country. It is important that the student is informed and finds the best solution for him or her.

Your own family

The International Institute of Education has shown that almost 65% of international students are funded by family and relatives. This solution should therefore not be overlooked. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings – before enrolling in college, students should ask them for help.

International organisations who support students who study in the UK in 2022

International organizations, such as the Fulbright Commission, provide funding for students from around the world. This list includes:

  • The United Nations
  • World Council of Churches
  • The Soros Foundation
  • The World Health Organization

However, it is important to know that many of these require the student to be in their own country when applying for help. Therefore, measures must be taken in advance.

Private companies in the UK

There are also private companies in the UK that provide assistance to European students who want to study in the UK in 2022. The best places to seek this type of help are:

  • International Scholarships Database
  • International Education Financial Aid
  • International Student Loans

As in the case of funding obtained from the parent country or companies in the parent country, at the end of the studies, the student may have to stay in the UK and work for the companies that provided the funding.

Universities in Great Britain

European students can also ask for help from UK universities. All they have to do is request a discussion with the university when they apply.

Student financing provided by the British Government in 2022

The UK appreciates education and is not afraid to invest in students. That is why the United Kingdom has become one of the favorite destinations for European students. Depending on certain conditions, such as knowledge of English at least intermediate level or participation in at least 80% of the courses, European students can access government funds to study in the UK.

It is very easy for European students studying in the UK in 2022 to get this funding. All they have to do is ask for the help of educational recruitment companies, such as Atlantic London. The services offered by these companies are free and the experts working for these companies do all the work.

Apply now to see if you are eligible to receive these government funds.

How to study effectively at home

The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of stress and sadness with it, but it also taught us a lot of things. We found out, by force, that we can do at home the things that we do at the office or at school. Professionals have started working from their living rooms and kids have started ”going to class” from their bedrooms. But, although many professionals are happy with working from home, a lot of young people complained that they do not know how to study effectively at home.

This is usually because older, more mature people have the required discipline to stay focused on what they need to accomplish and not get sidelined by distractions such as Netflix or Youtube. With younger people, this discipline exists, but it is rare. Some have it. Most don’t. And this is not a problem. Because having discipline is a skill. And you get this skill by learning how to study effectively at home.

At Atlantic London, we meet with a lot of young people. We asked them how they do it, how they study at home. After gathering all of their answers, we noticed that there are two main directions. The first one calls for following certain steps that will help get you the army-type discipline that you need in order to study effectively at home. The second one is a method one student called “discipline without having discipline”. We totally agreed with his description so we are going to use it for our article. But let’s talk some more about this two main directions.

Learning how to study effectively at home like a marine

Like a marine or like any other member of a branch of the military. This is not that important. What’s important is that you, the student, get the required mindset to be able to study effectively at home. But what if you do not have discipline. How do you get into that mindset then?

It is easy. There are some steps that you can take to teach yourself to be disciplined. If you follow these steps, you will learn how to study effectively at home. In fact, you will probably learn how to do anything effectively, at home or anywhere else for that matter.

Step 1: Set up a study/work space

This first step is one of the most important. If you need to study, then you need a good study space inside your home. What does this mean? Well, you need to get a good desk and a good chair. Not necessarily a comfortable chair. You don’t want to fall asleep. A good, supportive chair, placed near a window, so that you get a lot of natural light.

Additionally, try to keep your study space clean and organised. This will help you focus.

Step 2: Establish a routine

You have to find a routine which works for you. If you study better in the morning, create your schedule around this. If you know that you can study at full focus for one hour, do that and then take a break. What’s important is that it works for you. This is very important. You and only you can create this routine. So don’t even think about borrowing from anyone else.

Step 3: Establish a study plan

This is an extra step which will help you learn how to study effectively at home. Some need it, some don’t. With a plan, you can add goals. You break down your objective into several smaller objectives and try to take care of each one. Reaching these smaller goals will boost your morale and help you stay positive while doing something that you might not really like.

Step 4: Do not work from your bed

This is maybe not a step, but a piece of advice. If you want to learn how to study effectively at home, you should know that you can’t do it from your bed. It might be more comfortable, you might like it more, but it won’t help. It will never help. Once your head hits that pillow, you can be sure that all your focus will go out the window.

Step 5: Keep in touch with your colleagues

This final step might be a little bit more difficult. You study well in school because you have your colleagues with you. And you might not believe it, but having a community around you helps. You can ask people for clarifications, you can exchange ideas and you will also be able to stay focused.

Step 6: Don’t be afraid to take a step back every once in a while

Sometimes it helps to take a step back. If you’re stuck, if you feel that there is something holding you back, stop. Take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need some fresh air. Sometimes, disconnecting is the key. It will help you get over that hurdle and back on track to studying.

The “discipline without having discipline” method

The “discipline without having discipline” method is really simple. It calls for you to take online courses. That is it.

With online courses, you can study when you want, for how long you want. And, if you have any difficulties in understanding a topic, you can always rewatch the course whenever you have time.

Online courses come with a lot of advantages. Flexibility is the biggest of them. If you have a difficult schedule, they are perfect for you, as they allow you to study whenever you want, wherever you want. And, as they come in video format, there is no easier way to help you study. If you want to learn how to study effectively at home, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Apply for free courses online and give yourself a present this Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be wondering what presents you should get for yourself. There are a lot of things you can get, but trust us when we tell you that there’s no better present than improving yourself. It’s easy to do and it won’t cost you that much, unlike that Playstation you wanted to get or that dress that kept winking at you from the store’s window. In fact, it won’t cost you anything if you apply for free courses online.

Investing in yourself is the best investment

Nine out of ten people will tell you that they have no free time right now. This has unfortunately become the perfect excuse. Whenever you don’t want to do something, you find out that you have no time for it. And this might not be a problem when you’re using the excuse with someone else. But, when you start using it on you, it becomes a very serious problem.

Developing yourself as a human being and as a professional should be a priority. Not only should you not use any excuse to get out of it but, if you really don’t have any free time, you should make free time for it. Developing yourself is the best thing you can do. Learning something new, a new skill or a new trade, improving your current skills or maybe just refreshing what you knew once but have now forgotten can be extremely helpful to you.

And this is not just because you learn a new skill that might be useful. No, when you challenge your mind, you keep it sharp, alert. And it needs to be alert, especially in a world that keeps moving faster and faster.

And this is where free courses online come in. You don’t have that much free time? No problem. Join such a course and study whenever you find the time. You can study at your own pace. You can repeat lessons that you find interesting or difficult. Most importantly, you can do all of these things for free. This is the beauty of free courses online.

And once you finish your course, that’s when the magic happens. That Christmas miracle you’ve been looking for. Not only will you come out of it with new or improved skills, but with a sharper, hungrier mind as well, one that is ready for a new challenge.

Free courses online are the best possible Christmas presents

But now you’re probably wondering how you can get to these free online courses. Or maybe you’re wondering what course to take. Don’t worry about all of these questions, because we have the answers. As the largest student recruitment company in the greater London area, Atlantic London Education specialises in matching the right student with the right course.

Our portfolio includes thousands of satisfied customers of all types, from young people looking to start their own careers, to people looking for new careers or to take their existing careers to the next stem, to people who just want to learn more about the things that interest them. So if you also want to better yourself, just give us a call or fill out our form and our experts will find the best courses for you. They will also help you secure the financing that you need to make sure that you spend no money out of your own pocket for the course. While you’re waiting, you can also check out the list of courses that we have open right now.

Starting a free course online will improve your skills and your life. Just try one out and you’ll definitely thank Santa for the present.

What to study at university in the UK in 2022

With 2022 just around the corner, a lot of young people who are getting ready to make the move from high school to college are wondering what courses they should choose next year. It is a really good question. As the coronavirus pandemic changed the world we live in, it also changed the way we do business and the way we build careers. Some jobs are now much more appealing than others. But in order to get them, you need the right qualification. The following article will help you understand what to study at university in the UK in 2022.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still with us. And it seems that it will be a part of our lives for a long time. It’s bad news, but we need to adapt. We can adapt. In fact, some of us already did it. They took a look at the pandemic, they noticed certain trends and they understood which jobs will be in very high demand in the near future.

Let’s start with number 1.


This is probably a no-brainer. In a world where pandemics are a thing, healthcare workers are worth their weight in gold. In recent years, nursing has become one of the most appealing careers in the world. In fact, according to all statistics, it is now the most employable profession in Great Britain.

So it should not surprise you to find out that nursing is also the most popular university degree in the UK. Every year, thousands of students start the course and a lot of them are European students. They do it because they know that, after graduation, the chances of them finding a job within the first six months are very big.

For 2022, if you want a career that will offer you stability, you should really consider nursing courses. You will find all the requirements to study nursing in the UK here.

Social Media Manager

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. With the government advising people to stay indoors, most things are now done online. The importance of online marketing specialists has skyrocketed. And that of social media manager has gone even further. This is because a social media manager usually has all the knowledge of an online marketing specialist. But, in addition to this, the social media manager can also communicate and, most importantly, is able to do this via social media, which, in case you missed it, is the place where everyone is right now.

So, as you can imagine, companies now need to be present and active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. This is where business is now conducted. And if you can’t communicate with the audience, if you can’t show them your product, it is the end for you and your company.

But the high demand for good social media managers is not the only reason why you should study this course. Another very good reason is the fact that this job is safe from automation, which threatens a lot of jobs right now. As it involves a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can be sure that, at least for now, no robot will be able to do this jobs.

Computer programmer

Already a very popular sector, IT will be even more popular in the near future. Why? Because of the pandemic, of course. We do everything online now, but we need someone to make sure that we can do everything online. This si where the computer programmer comes in.

Computer programmers keep our digital world alive. So, at least for the near future, you can be sure that demand for people with such skills will remain high.

The courses are not easy and the job can be challenging, but few other professions are as profitable. If you’re looking for a career that will allow you to live without any financial concerns, this is the one for you.

Now that you know what to study at university in the UK in 2022, all that remains is for you to sign up. We can help you with that. Just press on the button below.

Study computer game animation at Anglia Ruskin

Gaming is one of the most interesting and most fun industries out there at the moment. It is also one of the best paying. That’s why so many students choose to study courses that allow them to step into this awesome, new field. So here’s a tip that we have for you. Do you want to work in the world of computer gaming? You can. All you have to do is to sign up for a course of computer game animation at Anglia Ruskin University.

So why computer game animation and not just programming? You need programming in order to create computer games, right? Yes. However, if you just go into programming, you limit yourself. With computer game animation, not only will you get the practical skills needed for the development of computer games, but you will also collect a range of creative and technical skills such as 3D modelling, 2D/3D animation, Games Design and Concept Art. Once you complete the course, you will be ready to start a career in the Digital Animation and Game Design industries.

About Computer Game Animation

A Computer Game Animation course will provide you with education and training in thetheory and practice of Computer Game Animation. You will become proficient in computer games design, computer games development, 3D Design, and 2D & 3D Computer Animation, and will learn to useindustry standard software such as, Adobe Creative Suite (Master Collection), Maya 3D, Unity and Games Salad.

As with most courses offered by universities in the UK, the Computer Game Animation course placesemphasis on the development ofwork related skills.The programme will be mainly based around the artistic elements of games design, covering concept art, illustration, storyboarding, level design, digital sculpting, 3D computer modelling, texturing, light, rigging and animation.

Why study Computer Game Animation at Anglia Ruskin

But maybe you’re wondering why you should study this course at Anglia Ruskin University. The short answer is because it is one of the popular courses offered by this university to international and European students. Their course is accredited by TIGA. And this is not all.

Anglia Ruskin might just be the best place for studying Computer Games Animation. The East of England has 135 companies dedicated to the development of computer games. And some of these, famous developers such as Jagex, Frontier Developments and Ninja Theory, are located in Cambridge. But this is for when you finish the course.

During the duration of the course, you will be studying Computer Games Animation at the new Compass House Games Center, where you will have access to audio and music technology recording studios, sport and exercise science labs, and computer science/gaming labs. It really is a great place to study.

So if you’re ready to step into the wold of Computer Games, just give us a call and we will help set you on your way.

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