Top 7 best courses to study based on entry-level salaries

Students just graduating from university have a lot on their plate. Along with the joy of the achievement comes an uncertainty concerning the future, a disappointment in not seeing their mates anymore and perhaps most importantly, a mounting pressure from parents, friends and ultimately society, to get a job.

While there are several aspects of a workplace that graduates must take into consideration when making a decision, many perceive the financial reward as the most important point of interest, that will label them as successful or not and that will allow them to live a life without worries or not. Consequently, we thought about taking a look at which UK courses lead to the highest earnings for students who just finished their studies. 

We are looking at entry-level salaries and we disregard the names of the universities that provide ‘more successful’ courses. Ultimately, figures are based on multiple sources and are to be understood as crude approximations and not precise numbers.

7. Business and Administration — average entry-level salary = £25,000

Generally, degrees specializing in commerce mean higher salaries and postgraduate degrees are also somewhat of a guarantee in this sense. Graduates tend to work in a wide variety of industries. Earning can also depend a lot on the university where you graduated. 

6. Social care — average entry-level salary = £28,000

Social care is a up-and-coming field in the UK and this type of work is delivered by a range of organisations and professionals. These services provide care for the society’s most vulnerable people. Earnings fluctuate quite a bit depending on employer.

5. Engineering — average entry-level salary = £30,000

Entry-level salaries depending on the exact specialization, as petroleum engineering implies higher earnings compared to civil engineering, for example. However, these professionals can expect stable and well-paid professional-level employment immediately after graduation.

4. Law — average entry-level salary = £30,000

There are more than a few careers you can go into once you have a law degree and your future earning will depend a lot on your specialization. Law is still one of the most attractive subjects to study thanks to its diversity and financially rewarding professional life. 

3. Finance — average entry-level salary = £32,000

Finance is considered to be another generally high-earning degree. Working in banking or financial services, for instance, tends to earn you more than taking a position as an economist, but you can still expect good salaries either way. 

2. Computer science — average entry-level salary = £34,000

Seeing that we are living in an increasingly digital world, graduates with expertise in computer science or software engineering can find employment in a vast number of industries. Moreover, most of these professionals can expect good entry-level salaries. 

1. Medicine — average entry-level salary = £40,000

Whether it’s dentistry or veterinary medicine, it seems that all branches of the field foster positions with well-paid jobs. Postgraduates also tend to go into research and the actual science, not limiting themselves to clinical practice and therefore earning even more. 

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