10 of the cheapest areas to rent in London in 2023

Living in the capital of the UK is a dream for many people and Greater London is currently home to almost 10 million people. However, that dream does not come cheap, and the city consistently ranks among the most expensive European cities for renters. It’s not all bad though, and there are, in fact, more than a few places around town that are affordable for people from all economic backgrounds. Here are 10 of the best areas where you can look up rents, if money is tight. 

1. Bexley

One-bedroom flats here can even fall under the £1K mark and there is an array of properties to choose from. You can get to the city center in just over half an hour from Bexley, a borough that boasts some of the greenest parks and woodland areas in all of London. Crime rates are also incredibly low. 

2. Havering

Also located in Eastern London, Havering’s prices don’t exceed Bexley’s costs too much, but the former is more densely populated than the latter. You can also reach central London is just over half an hour and the neighbourhood is well-regarded thanks to its diverse shopping, as well as leisure and nightlife opportunities.

3. Barking & Dagenham

Residents can enjoy great road and public transport connections and can even find two-bedroom rents for less that a thousand pounds a month here. Moreover, the young and multicultural community, as well as the current urban regeneration project can definitely enhance the appeal of Barking and Dagenham.

4. Croydon

This borough is certainly on the rise, bringing in more and more renters due to a great regeneration programme, reliable transport and commercial hotspots. This southern area is only 15 minutes away from the city centre by train and boasts some of the most stunning public murals in London, coupled with a number of good schools, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

5. Sutton

Staying in the south, the quiet residential vibe of Sutton is unmatched. If you’re looking for quality educational institutions, ample outdoor spaces and cheap rents, this is the place for you. Sutton is also considered to be a great option for first-time homebuyers, if you’re thinking that you’re ready to take the next step and climb the property ladder.

6. Bromley

Besides being the largest London borough, safety is the name of the game in Bromley, as it ranks sixth among the safest boroughs to live in. If you add to this the peaceful nature, the urban chic and the good schools, you’ll feel ready to move in right away. Bromley has long been a magnet for young families and professionals, and for good reason!

7. Waltham Forest

Moving up north, Waltham Forest provides residents with a great taste of sub-urban living. The area is a 45-minute drive away from central London and you can choose from a multitude of properties, ranging from the affordable flats of Walthamstow to the Victorian homes of Epping Forest. Two-bedroom apartments in this up-and-coming area can set you back around £1K per month.

8. Lewisham

Indoor shopping, open-air street markets, great restaurants, leisure facilities…you name it, Lewisham’s got it! Besides the various amenities, there is also a sense of community around the borough and numerous opportunities for cyclists, as well as great transportation links for all residents. Central London is less than 6 miles away!

9. Hillingdon

The second-largest borough in London is very close to Heathrow Airport and can give off a bit of a rural vibe, which some people absolutely love. If you’re thinking about relocating here, you have a wealth of choices, as properties range from modern flats and maisonettes to Victorian and Edwardian houses. Central London is, however, 14 miles away.

10. Greenwich

Fostering some of the area’s most well-known historical landmarks, Greenwich is also known for its stunning scenery, green spaces and student-town vibe. Greenwich has the lowest crime rate compared to the other places on this list and welcomes residents with a laid-back atmosphere that is simply unique. 

Notable mentions: Newham, Enfield, Harrow. 

Rent prices can vary considerably depending on exact location, amenities, size and time of year. 

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