Are you looking to become a teacher? It’s a good career choice

Few jobs are as rewarding as that of a teacher. You work with young minds, helping them develop, shaping the future of the world in the process. It is indeed something special. And it is also a very good career choice. If you thought about becoming a teacher, here’s what you need to know.

A lot of people say that teaching is not a jobs, it’s a calling. Maybe you have this calling. If you enjoy helping other people out, if you are patient and able to help people understand things that might prove difficult for them, at least at first, maybe you should consider becoming a teacher or a trainer. The road to achieving this status is not that hard. In fact, it starts with one course.

Education and training

HND Education and Training (DET) is a course created for teachers in thepost-compulsory educational sector or for individuals who wish to earn a qualification as teachers and are not currently employed as such. The course wasdeveloped in conjunction with Ofqual and is recognised by the Society for Education and Training. It isa recognised route to gaining Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status, which will allow you to teach in schools or colleges.

With the help of this course, you will learn how to take a more analytical approach to training and education. You will learn how to plan and prepare your courses, how to assess students and how to support them. After completing the course successfully, you will develop several new skills, such as teaching across more than one level, teaching both individuals and groups, mentoring and more. In the end, you will be a moreeffective, critical and professional teacher or trainer. You will also be able to apply for Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills status or Qualified Teacher Status through the Education and Training Foundation.

Why study at a university to become a teacher?

Unfortunately, this is the only way to achieve Qualified Teacher Status. And this status is a requirement in the UK for those who wish to teach in schools. But this is not the only reason for you to go to a college or to a university in order to study teaching.

At university, during your degree, you will be able to develop people skills that are so important in this field. These will help you grow your relationships with your students, their parents and even your colleagues. You might not believe it, but the experience will help you become a better professional, much more flexible, one who can easily adapt to anything and who is able to think on-the-spot.

What teaching can do for you

Once you graduate you will be able to work as a:

  • primary school teacher
  • secondary school teacher
  • lecturer
  • private tutor
  • education administrator
  • business trainer
  • special educational needs teacher
  • Ofsted inspector

According to UCAS, the starting salary for a teacher in the UK is £21k, and it can be higher. With thousands of teachers training each years, it is probably no secret that this job market tends to be very competitive. But this should not discourage you. A teaching job is a job for life. In fact, there are fewer other jobs that provide more stability than this one.

So if you believe teaching is your calling, give us a call and let us help you get started on your road towards becoming a teacher.

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