Education in the United Kingdom

         If you are reading this, chances are that you are here for the same reason that get us out of the bed every morning – to make you the best version of yourself. Education in the United Kingdom can help with that.

Have you decided, by any chance, to give it a try and enrol to university? Hats off on making an excellent decision! You’re now officially in the loop to hear all about the educational system in the United Kingdom and the opportunities it has to offer.

         Studying abroad in London is absolutely magical. And no, it’s not just the Harry Potter connection. The magic of studying in London is that there’s something for everyone. Take your bachelor’s degree in finance, art history, engineering at one of the most prestigious institutions in London. Accept an internship for a year, or just during the summer. Or simply volunteer with local non-profits and make friends. There are so many opportunities for every single individual.

Still asking yourself if studying abroad in London is worth it? YES, mate! Go for it! We can give you a list of “1000 things to know before deciding to study in London”, but it would simply take ages for you to read it. So why not giving you only 5 reasons? The most important ones. For the rest, we can have a conversation later, in case you won’t believe us.


Academic prestige

         University of Cambridge. University of Oxford. Imperial College London, UCL. Do we have to say something else? These 4 universities feature in the global top 10, while a further 24 have achieved the incredible feat of ranking in the top 200. But there’s so much more, so many other top universities offering great employment opportunities, connections with the industry, internships, apprenticeships.


Wide range of courses

      Whether you’re interested in going to College, university level courses, apprenticeships, or part-time courses, educational institutions in the United Kingdom offer a wealth of fantastic opportunities to help each student achieve their future study and career ambitions. The broad range of subjects and levels of study available means that, for some areas, there are opportunities to progress very quickly and get hired from your first year of studying.


Employment opportunities

         Every employer asking for experience, right? And job hunter after uni is tough. How are you supposed to have at least one year experience within the field when you just got your bachelor’s degree?

Well, we are talking about the UK. Of course, they thought about it. As previously mentioned, every university has partners: companies, agencies, brands, non-profitable charities, etc. Throughout the year, these partners create opportunities for students. It can be internships, entry level positions, or volunteering job. So, while going to university and mastering your skills, why not taking the opportunity to gain real-world experience as well?!

Isn’t that great?


Financial support from the government

         We are 99.9{41aa2874b0bc190ba21b53f925a01fea94fd3f6629dbaee8a9c09c02480cd30d} sure that you heard about Student Loan. Student Loan (or student grants) help you pay your tuition fee and living costs.

The advantage of the loan is that you only start to pay it back after completion of the studies and only when your yearly income exceeds the £25,000 threshold, when you will only have to repay 9{41aa2874b0bc190ba21b53f925a01fea94fd3f6629dbaee8a9c09c02480cd30d} of the amount that exceeds this threshold.

Oh, there’s something else we should mention in terms of financing solutions – SCHOLARSHIPS.

Government loans are not your only ways to fund your dream. In this sense, go for it and apply for a scholarship or a bursary. Every university offer merit-based, social or sport scholarships. Indeed, it won’t fully support you living in the UK, but their value is generally ranging from £1,000 – £5,000.


Opportunities. Opportunities. And more opportunities

         It really is that easy to travel around Europe. Travelling from London to other major European cities is super convenient. There are 3 international airports in London, so you can travel all around the world, or save some little money and take a bus/train to Paris and Brussels. Definitely worth exploring.

Get ready to expand your palate. There’s more than just fish and chips in London.

Wi-fi is everywhere.

Public transit will be your best friend. Have you ever dreamed of sitting on top of a red double decker bus? There you go! We are not going to unveil anything else. We’ll let you explore the magic.

However, in case you’ve got any other questions, feel free to give us a call on 020 7377 5971 and we’ll get everything sorted for you.

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