[Guide for international students] How to apply for university in UK, in 2021

So you’ve decided to go to university in the UK. Congratulations! As Great Britain is one of the best places to study, this is one decision you definitely won’t regret. But now you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Well, if you’re wondering how to apply for university in UK, in 2021, the following article will tell you everything you need to know.

Before we go any further, we should talk about the registration process. It is extremely important and you should really invest some of your time into it. Before you sign any document, you should do some research, both on what universities and courses are better for you, and on yourself.

It is true that you can start college anytime and that you can study whatever you want, but remember that time is the most important resource nowadays. And wasting time on courses you might not like or trying to get a diploma for a job that just isn’t for you are things that you will definitely end up regretting and that will even cause important setbacks for you. Especially if you’re an international student.

In order to avoid these problems, spend some time researching the universities and the courses that you think sound interesting. This is something that you absolutely must do before you learn how to apply for university in UK.

Once you finished your research and you know without a doubt what you want to study and where, you can start the actual registration process. So, without further a do, here are the steps you can take in order to apply for university in the UK, in 2021.

You can register with UCAS

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Services or UCAS is an organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. It works as an independent charity and is funded by fees charged to both applicants and universities.

With UCAS, you can register online. You will also have access to some free tools, information and advice that will aid you during the process.

If you are an international student and you’re looking to study in the UK, if you choose to register with UCAS, you should know that you can only do it as an individual and that you can only apply through their online system.

Unfortunately the deadline for all 2021 applications with UCAS has passed. It was on June 30. All applications received after this date enter into Clearing. The 2021 application fee was £20 for a single course and £26 for two choices or more

You can apply directly to the university

Of course, you can always go directly to the university of your choice and apply there. If you choose to do this, we advise you to contact them beforehand. Ask them exactly what the requirements are for someone to register with them. Don’t be afraid to ask them about everything, even about information that might already be published on their website. Sometimes requirements change. You don’t want your application to be rejected just because you forgot to add one little document.

Each university has its own deadline, so make sure that you also ask when this is. International students may also need to send proof of their qualifications directly to the university of their choice.

You can use a student recruitment agency

If you want to know how to apply for university in the UK the easy way, this is it. A student recruitment agency such as Atlantic London Education does everything for you. And the best part is it does so for free, as student recruitment agencies work directly with the colleges and universities, in order to find the best possible students.

Atlantic London Education is right now the largest agency of its kind in the London area. In its history of more than 10 years, it has helped thousands of students find the best courses and universities for them.

Once you contact Atlantic London, its experts will help you with all the information you require in order to successfully apply for the university of your choice. They will also help you secure student financing for the time you spend studying. If you’re an international student, you should know that the British government is very pro-student. It offers student financing to everyone interested in studying in the UK. And this goes even for international students.

Student recruitment agencies are the fastest and easiest ways to register for university. If you want to get a university degree and secure student financing, give Atlantic London a call or check your eligibility online free of charge.

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