Health and social care should be on your list of potential careers

If there’s one thing the Covid 19 pandemic showed us is that there is a great need for professionals in the health and social care sector. In fact, with every chart and prediction telling us that the human population will continue to grow, it’s pretty clear that Covid 19 is not the last pandemic we will see during our lifetimes. So, when bad luck hits us again, it will be really good if we have the best possible professionals taking care of us.

Now, health and social care might not sound like an exciting profession, but it definitely is one of the highest importance. It’s because it is about supporting people, especially when times are hard. The role of professionals in this particular field is to work to address the needs of individuals, families and communities. They won’t have movies made about them, but it’s these people who actually save lives.

It’s no secret that the demand for skilled health and social care workers is higher than ever before. Thanks to modern medicine, people nowadays live longer. Although this is good news, it also means that their needs are now much more diverse and much more complex. That’s why the individuals assigned to take care of these people need to be highly trained and very skilled at their jobs. They need to be prepared for everything, and to have the knowledge and experience needed in order to successfully solve any problem that may occur.

Health and social care is becoming more and more important

Not many people understand what this profession really means. It covers a lot of very different sectors, all focused on humans. For examples, individuals graduating with a degree in health and social care might go on to work as care coordinators, homelessness specialists, intensive family support specialists, health educators, drug and alcohol workers, healthcare assistants, victim care officers and much more. As you can see, they are extremely diverse and the only thing they have in common is the fact that they provide care to those in need.

This is why health and social care is becoming more and more important. Its size and diversity means that the individuals studying to become health and social care professionals need to be top notch. There is no room for cutting corners here. Human lives depend on the skills and training of those hired to work in this sector.

If you choose to work here, know that your profession will not be an easy one. But it will offer you a very high degree of satisfaction. There is no question about it. You will definitely end up loving your job.

And the pay is very good as well. According to, the average salary in this sector is £35,743 per year. However, it can go as £77,144 per year, more than double the average.


So if you’re looking for a job that really matters, if you want to do something meaningful with your life and if you love helping people, try Health and Social Care.

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