Atlantic London’s “Recommend a friend” initiative has got rewards for everybody

A lot of people choose the UK for their studies and that’s because some of the best universities in the world are here! The UK is regarded as a global authority in the field of education and universities receive over half a million international students every year. 

We want to reward your desire to build a better tomorrow and even if you’re not the one who wants to sign up for a course, you might have a friend who does. In that case, it’s a win-win situation, since we will help your friend reach their goals and we’ll also reward you accordingly for recommending him or her. You can earn prizes that are worth up to £250!

Atlantic London’s recommendation program works well for everybody. You’re not only doing what’s best for your friend, but you’re also earning a little something for yourself! Most importantly, the winter intake is currently underway and it’s the best opportunity for all international students!

Finally, being a graduate means having a specialization, enjoying more employment opportunities and being able to receive higher, more rewarding salaries. Completing a degree in the UK has nothing but benefits! Those who don’t have a degree earn 25 thousand pounds a year in the UK, at best. In comparison, those who graduate have salaries that start from 35 thousand pounds and can go much higher.

Since you’re wondering what the prizes are, here is a little snapshot of what you can win — prizes range from coffee makers, leather desk chairs and state-of-the-art electronics, to sewing machines, grill sets and graphic tablets. 

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