How to get a university degree for free

Is there such thing as a free university degree? Yes it is. Even in today’s modern world, where cash is king, you can get a university degree for free. Here’s what you need to know.

There are many ways for you to get a university degree for free. However, before we start, we need to clarify one thing. When we say that you can get a university degree for free we mean that you can study for free at a good university, where you can work hard and get your degree. So, if you plan on doing nothing and still getting a diploma, you should know that’s never going to happen.

But if you are not afraid to work hard that university degree you want so much can be yours. You can study at some of the best universities in the UK, with some of the best teachers, and, when you finish, you can be sure that your diploma will carry some weight. And the best part is you can study for free, even if you’re an international student.

Here’s what you can do:

Study abroad! If you’re an international student, come to the UK

Tuition fees are soaring in most places, nowadays. However, there are still some countries out there where you can study for free or for a very low fee, which is almost like studying for free, when compared to what you might have to pay somewhere else. The Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Germany or France offer such opportunities.

These opportunities are also available in the UK, but with a few extra steps. The British government is very pro-student. It offers student financing to everyone interested in studying in the UK. And this goes even for international students.

All you need to do in order to receive these funds is to contact student recruitment agencies such as Atlantic London. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Atlantic London is now the largest agency of its kind in the London area. Its portfolio includes thousands of students, both native-born and international, who have managed to make their dreams come true.

If you want to get a university degree for free, give Atlantic London a call or check your eligibility online free of charge.

You can get a university degree for free if your yearly income after graduation won’t exceed £27,228

There is only one thing you need to know about the student loan. You only have to pay it back if you remain in Great Britain after graduation and if your yearly income exceeds £27,228. If you never earn above this threshold during the following 30 years, your loan will be written off.

So, if you know that you want to work in an industry where you won’t earn more than £27,228 per year, you should definitely get this loan.

Try crowdfunding

It may sound funny, but it can actually be a pretty great move. Crowdfunding means that you ask people you don’t know and will probably never know to help fund your degree. And you may not believe this, but many people are already doing it successfully. It is not a sure thing and you might have to work harder to get it than you would for the loan, but it can help you study for free.

Visit sites like and see how they can help you out.

Sponsored degrees

It is the same as crowdfunding but, instead of a crowd, you get just one sponsor to help you out. This solution is not uncommon. In fact, many international students actually study abroad with the help of sponsors. The only catch is that they may have to come back to their countries and work for the companies that sponsored them, once they graduate.

Most companies are not afraid to invest in competent employees. The big ones, in industries such as IT, do it all the time. Don’t be afraid to go knocking at their doors. Even if you have to come back to work for them after you get your degree, chances are that you will get a good job with a good salary.

Degree apprenticeships

This is another kind of sponsored degrees. The British government introduced degree apprenticeships in 2015. The program means that students can both work and study at the same time. Your employer will cover all the costs.

Full tuition fee scholarships

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite, the full tuition fee scholarships. These are not very common, but everyone wants one.

There are scholarships which pay your entire tuition at both undergraduate and graduate level. All you need to do is to study hard and earn one. It is all up to you at this point.

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