The international student’s guide to the UK

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students enter the UK to study at one of its universities or colleges. Without a doubt, Great Britain has become the most popular destination for those looking to earn a degree that will help them later in life. So, if you’re an international student, what do you need to know about the UK?

A place full of culture and history

It’s really no wonder that so many international students choose to study in the UK. Great Britain is one of the best places on planet Earth for education. It has a long history in this field, with some of the best and first universities in the world located on the island. We’re talking of course about the famous Oxford and Cambridge. And they are not the only important universities in the UK.

Great Britain is full of history. From the Romans, to the Anglo-Saxons, to William the Conqueror, the Wars of the Roses, the Duke of Wellington, Churchill and the two World Wars, there’s a lot for any foreigner to enjoy. And if you’re an international student, eager to learn new things, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

And of course there’s the culture. It’s not all about that afternoon tea. Most of the time it’s about grabbing a cold beer at the pub with your mates. And parties, of course. A lot of parties. Great Britain is also probably the best places in the world for young people. You can have fun, you can learn, there are numerous opportunities and you’ll never get bored. This is probably why so many international students rush to join UK universities each year.

Great education system

Another thing that makes the UK so attractive for international students is the great education system. It is recognized around the world as a world class system, being comprehensive and adaptable.

What’s really important is that British universities and colleges focus a lot on practical knowledge. So if you attend on of the universities here, you can be sure that you’ll definitely use later in life those things that you learn during your courses.

Another great trait of the UK education system is the fact that it keeps improving. Thanks to the Quality Assurance Agency, an agency whose mission is to evaluate the quality of colleges and universities and to offer feedback, improvements occur all the time. This means that universities become more efficient with every passing year.

Last but not least, the diploma. If you graduate at a university or college in the UK, you can rest assured that your diploma will be recognised all over the world. This will count a lot with employers, who will also note the fact that you, the international student who studied in Great Britain, are multilingual. Companies nowadays are obsessed with finding multilingual employees.

International students can even study for free in the UK

Another thing that makes Great Britain really popular with international students is the fact that if provides them with the help they need to succeed. The British government is not afraid to invest in education. That’s why they offer loans which students, native-born or international, can access and use during their time in school.

International students can get student financing from the government. The amount of money is not small at all and it can be used to cover both tuition fees and other expenses.

The process to getting the loan might look complicated. However, international students can use the help offered by student recruitment companies such as Atlantic London. These companies work with the universities and provide free services to all students. They can help a student find the best university for him or her, the best courses and even to get approved for government financing.

Atlantic London works with students to help them achieve their goals. With more than 10 years of experience in the student recruitment industry, it is now the largest company of its kind in the London area.

It doesn’t matter if you were born in England or if you are an international student. If you want to study in Great Britain, give us a call. We will help you find the right university and the right courses, and we will teach you all you need to know in order to obtain student financing from the government. Give us a call and let’s start this new and exciting adventure together!

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