SETTLED status
Pre-Settled and Settled Status | Brexit

All EU citizens arriving in the UK prior to Brexit and intending to remain after December 31, 2020, must apply for Pre-settled or Settled status.

SETTLED STATUS – applies to European citizens and their family members who have lived in the UK for a period of 5 years continuously (*continuous residence means that absences in the UK must not exceed 6 months).
The PRE-SETTLED status – applies to European citizens who have lived in the UK less than 5 years. This status allows citizens to accumulate 5 years for the permanent residence.
Applicants must prove: nationality, identity, and provide criminal record (if any).
If the Homme Office cannot immediately confirm your status as a resident, you have to prove your continuous residence with the following documents:
 –  Bank statement (at least 6 months during a certain year);
 –  Letter from the employer;
 –  Pay slips, P60/P45
 –  Rental agreement;
 –  Proof of the mortgage loan