Overview Every sector of the current business landscape needs competent project managers who can successfully implement innovative ideas and strategies. This APM-accredited Project Management course will teach you the ins and outs of the tools and techniques projects managers need to master. Currently, engineering, retail, technology, education, healthcare and tourism are only a few of the industries that make use of project management. In order to have an impact on the deployment of projects in a business, students need to possess broad knowledge and solid concepts.  In a world where only 22% of projects meet their original objectives, specialists still believe that 87% of businesses regarded project teams as being essential to the eventual success of a project (according to research carried out by the Association of Project Management). These figures prove that competent professionals can truly change the world and this course can put you on that path. Course duration: 3 years Start dates: January/April/August/September

With a degree in project management, the sky’s the limit! All businesses regardless of the sector need people who can improve business operations and make them more efficient. Besides being a manager, you can also opt for other similar positions, including:

  • Project assistant or coordinator
  • Implementation or change manager
  • Project management consultant
  • Program or portfolio manager
  • Technical project manager/lead
  • Business project lead
  • Project planner
  • Risk analyst

 And more;

Minimum age: 18 years 

Applicants must provide proof of highest qualification obtained (e.g. high school diploma/baccalaureate/level 3 diploma) or relevant work experience 

Students from abroad must demonstrate an approved level of proficiency in the use of English 

Students must attend an interview with a member of the admissions team 

Students must bring original diplomas at the time of registration


      • Business Research Methods and Analysis
      • Business Consulting
      • Principles of Procurement, Financial Control and Contract Management
      • Governance in a Global Business Environment
      • Introduction to Project Management
      • Elective: Digital Skills & Professional Development
      • Elective: Technology and Innovation


      • Advanced Project Management
      • Project Justification
      • Project Planning
      • Agile and Hybrid Project Management
      • AI and Big Data Analytics in Project Management
      • Elective: Operations & Supply Chain Management
      • Elective: Digital & Social Media Marketing


      • Project Change and Control
      • Quality Management
      • Project Risk and Issue Management
      • Developing People and Capabilities
      • Final Project Including End Point Assessment


You don’t have to worry about traditional written exams in this course. Assessments are meant to facilitate the application of learning to real-life situations and students will have the opportunity to implement live case studies, project plans or strategies, thus demonstrating practical and critical skills. On your final project, you will get the chance to work on a project management scenario pertaining to a real organisation. Consequently, students can enjoy plenty of networking opportunities along the way. Further assessments include reflective analysis, portfolios and work products, risk assessments, proposals and case study reports.


As it is accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM), completing this course considerably enhances your job prospects. On the one hand, during the three years you will have multiple opportunities to create valuable industry networks, which can lead you towards employment. On the other hand, if you’re looking to work some more on your knowledge and skills, you can continue studying at the postgraduate level, choosing an MSc in Project Management, for instance.

Self-Funding The Tuition Fee of the course will vary depending on the institution you wish to study in, as well as your status in the UK. The course is available for UK/EU and International Students as well. Please contact us to find out the tuition fee for a specific course you’d like to know about. Government Funds – Student Finance England          If you are an UK/EU citizen or living in the UK on Indefinite stay, you can receive support from the government via Student Loan Company to cover tuition fees and some living costs while studying, depending on your circumstances. Tuition fee loans, to cover the full cost of your course, are paid directly to the course provider. Maintenance loans can be applied for at the same time, lending you money at the start of each term. You won’t have to pay back the loan until after your course, when you’re earning above a certain level.  Students can still apply for grants if they’re eligible for certain benefits, disabled, or need help with childcare costs.

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