Students in the UK want refunds as they face a third successive year of online courses

Covid-19 might not be causing as many problems as it did last year, but it’s still giving people a lot of headaches. As UK universities are looking to offer a mix of in-person seminars and online lectures next year, students are having none of it and are even asking for their tuitions back.

It would be a third consecutive year of online courses. That’s why students are taking action and are demanding for at least a part of their fees to be refunded.

“It’s just not fair to charge £9,250 a year for YouTube tutorials,” Rhian Shillabeer, a second-year politics student, stated for the Guardian. She wrote an open letter to her university asking for more in-person learning. The letter received a lot of attention and signatures from hundreds of other students.

Universities, however, are blaming the government, as guides for social distancing on campuses are still not published. Their main priority is, it seems, to avoid another Covid-19 outbreak. It’s probably understandable. but so are the points raised by the students.

They should not have to pay for an experience they are not getting. Going to University is not only about learning. It’s also about growing as a human being, learning new experiences and becoming independent. You can’t do that from behind a computer screen.

And then there’s the financial part of the issue. Why should you have to pay for the full university experience when you’re going to spend most of your time online?!

Why not go full online? Attend online courses and use your spare time for something else

What’s important is that everyone understands that it’s really no one’s fault. For universities, it’s probably hard to refund tuition fees, as they need them to survive. And it’s definitely not fair for students to pay for something that they won’t get.

But the solution is actually pretty simple. Since online courses are already available, why not sign up directly for them?

Online courses are easier and more efficient. Most importantly, you will save a lot of time on traveling. This means that, once courses are over, you will be able to go to work or do whatever you want to do. You will be a lot less tired and a lot less stressed, as you won’t have to worry about Covid-19-related issues such as social distancing, vaccinations and even getting sick.

If you’re looking to go to university, in order to learn everything you need so that you can start your dream career, really consider online courses!

Atlantic London can help

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Additionally, if you reach out to us we’ll also tell you what you need to know in order to access government financing. These funds are provided by the British government to all those looking to study and better themselves. They can come in handy as they will cover both your tuition fees and other expenses.

In other words, you can save both time, by attending online courses, and money.

Most students in the UK are upset and disappointed right now. They paid a lot of money for things that they are probably not going to get. And it’s just bad luck. Covid could have stuck anytime.

If you want to study and you also want to avoid what they’re going through, give us a call.

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