Why study in the United Kingdom?

The UK has become a favorite destination for European students eager to get a proper education, that will prepare them for the future, but also offer them adventure. So how did the Queen’s country end up in this position? You will find the answer in the following article, an article which tries to explain why so many people love to study in the United Kingdom.

A country with a long tradition in education

The UK has a fabulous, interesting and eventful history. It is no exaggeration to say that this country has changed the world. And one important way that they changed the world is by investing in education, a decision that the islanders made a long time ago.

Oxford University has a history of almost 1000 years. Its rival, the University of Cambridge, is “younger” by only a century or two. However, both have stood the test of time, thanks to the results offered and the extraordinary work of those who have crossed their thresholds over the years. Today, they are two of the best known, if not the best known universities in the world. Obviously, the quality of the education offered there is also at a very high level, Oxford and Cambridge being ranked every year among the top 10 educational institutions in the world, often occupying even the first places.

But those two are not the only educational institutions that bring pride to the hearts of the British people. Great Britain is also home to many other colleges and universities that hundreds of thousands of young people around the world dream of reaching every year. Even in 2020, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, 342,620 international students entered the United Kingdom in order to register at some of its universities.

Great Britain has a lot to offer

Great Britain is a completely unique country, being in fact a kingdom made up of 4 different countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). In addition to thousands of years of history, it offers a lot of diversity, and also economic power. The latter, in turn, ensures that young people who choose to study in the UK do so in a country that can offer them everything from fun to excellent jobs. And this is why, every year, tens and hundreds of thousands of students from powerful countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, India or even the United States choose to travel to old Albion to study at its universities.

The UK offers top quality education

Perhaps the most important aspect of the British education system is that, on the island, the quality of university courses is top notch. And they make sure that it keeps being top notch. This is done by bodies such as The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), an independent organization that constantly evaluates the quality of universities and colleges in the UK. In addition to verifying their results and the courses they provide to students who study in the United Kingdom, the QAA also provides tips for continuous improvement.

Thus, at the end of their studies, students can be sure that they will obtain a diploma that will not only be recognized internationally, but one that will also act as a guarantee of the quality of education received. For any employer, this matters a lot.

The cost of education can be quite low for those who want to study in the United Kingdom

Another reason why many students choose to study in the UK is the ability to save time and money. A bachelor’s degree at one the island’s universities can be obtained in 3 years and a master’s degree can be completed in just one year. There are exceptions, though. But they only cover areas such as medicine or law. In general, however, when studying in the UK, a student can save time and money.

Why is the duration of a course so short? The answer is simple: efficiency. Courses in the UK are more compact, more efficient. But that doesn’t mean you are losing quality. Quite the opposite.

Furthermore, in terms of finance, international students can access funding from the British government. They can use these funds to pay for tuition and other expenses.

In order to obtain these amounts, students must meet certain conditions, such as knowledge of English at least at intermediate level or course attendance of at least 80%. Also, in order to access the funds provided by the British state, students can ask educational recruitment companies such as Atlantic London Education for help. With over 10 years of experience in this field, Atlantic London boasts a portfolio that includes thousands of satisfied customers. Its services are free and its experts offer not only advice on how to access these funds, but also useful tips and information on how to find the courses and universities that best fit the student.

A lot of opportunities

For those who study in the United Kingdom and graduate, Great Britain offers many well-paid jobs in a wide variety of fields. Without a doubt, this country is the perfect place in the world for anyone looking to build a future.

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